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HiHo strives to help as many students as possible. Every year, we set aside part of the profit from tuition and fees into a scholarship fund, but they are not enough.

We are living in challenging times. An annual HiHo student education cost about as little as P42,000 or $750 only, inclusive of tuition fees and books. Considering that there is only a maximum capacity of about 24 students per classroom, and we have at least one scholar per classroom, profit every year can not sustain student scholarships. But we must continue to invest in our future, in our students, in the reasons to give.

Financial support of any value provides critical aid to our students. A monetary gift to our HiHo Scholarship Fund can provide quality private education to deserving students.
Candidates for scholarships must pass three criteria: 1) their family income cannot support private education 2) they have a high degree of academic competence and 3) they have good moral conduct as certified by their previous teacher.
We will make sure that once you give, a scanned original receipt of your donation will be available for you upon request. You will also receive a 'thank you' note from one of our scholars, who you will be 'adopting' from hereon.


China Bank
Account Number: 2070776016
Account Name: High Horizons Learning Center, Inc.
Account Number: 003870111059
Account Name: High Horizons Learning Center, Inc.
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